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Jerry P. Suits

Script Writer

Thanks for visiting the official website of Jerry P. Suits. I am a passionate Original Screenplay Writer. I love what I do and want others to see that love shine through in all of my work.

Jerry & Jeanne
Wooden Hut


Visualizing Stories and Concepts

Jerry Suits has always been captivated by science and the arts. Blessed with an overactive imagination often grounded by experiences and ideas. Please get in touch to learn more about my work and upcoming projects.

Marble Surface

As a 5-year old in the Ozarks I put on my sock cap (helmet), carried the stuffed bunny (football) and evaded many tacklers to score the winning touchdown every time. That is, the trees could never tackle me. I drew a sketch of a witch when I was 2 1/2 years old (but only my Mother believes this-- she saved and dated the drawing). In the isolated New Mexico mountains (Datil Mountains) I had hundreds of horses on four large ranches (cutout paper horses in all the rooms of the house). In high school I wrote several creative works-- satirizing politics (Beowulf adapted to 1964), school policy (got me notoriety with the English teacher and Principal), and speech class (how to swim across the English Channel while holding a glass full of wine without spilling any seawater in it). In college I wrote poetry, which only appealed to my hippie friends and Apache women.

My Scripts:  I have written two scripts- Transition Zone (a Romantic Adventure) and Datil Mountain Lions (a Coming of Age Sports Story). My plans are for a third script- In the 1960s, an old, crippled lawman confronts a vicious gang of hillbillies who are terrorizing the Ozarks. Fourth script- In the 1990s, a professor is about to be denied tenure (essentially being fired) from Hicksville University- the bottom rung on the academic ladder. As an undergraduate his dream was to play in the NFL but an injury dashed that dream. He majored in chemistry for his B.S., then received his PhD in inorganic chemistry. Unfortunately, he had a disagreement with his research professor, who confidentially wrote poor letters of recommendation when he applied for various professorship positions at elite universities. Thus, he was filtered down to the bottom of academia. At Hicksville U. he faces a three-ring circus during his last semester before the tenure decision.

Unique traits: Always obsessed with overactive imagination. Many, many transitions: Cowboy and Rancher (age 3-8 yrs), Football player (ages 0-5 and 12-17), Engineering student (3 years), Biochemist research student (Grad School) and Chemical Educator (PhD, how students learn and how instruction impedes or enhances learning). I love to be the Underdog and overcome against all odds.

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